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2015 Programs

AMWA kicked off it's 2015 programming on Saturday, May 2 with: Golden-Winged Warbler: Ecology and Habitat Needs.

We would like to thank presenters Emily Bellush and Ryan Davis for their informative presentations, and for the time they took to make sure everyone's questions were answered.

2015 Educational Programs:

  • Saturday, June 20: Annual Meeting / Picnic - includes a presentation on Invasive Insects by Sharon Coons, Forest Program Specialist with the PA Bureau of Forestry - Division of Forest Pest Management
  • Saturday, August 8: A morning presentation by Eric Burkhart on Invasive Plants followed by lunch and then an afternoon Walk and Talk on "Not Weeds" where Eric shares his perspective on volunteer plants in our yards, fields, and forests.
  • Saturday, September: Program presented by Jim Finley on Timber Harvest Basics.
Golden-Winged Warbler Program


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