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2018 AMWA Program Updates

We're finally moving on membership renewals and have firmed up plans for this year's programs. We will be sending out membership renewals next week. A list of our workshops for 2018:
  • Saturday, April 21: Chainsaw Safety Workshop to be conducted by Bob Wetzel of the Bureau of Forestry. There will be a classroom component at the Ebensburg Borough meeting room, and the hands-on session at the Ron Vena farm (Munster Road just off 22)
  • Saturday, June 16: : "Lyme Disease, A Danger for Anyone Who Works, or Plays Outdoors" at the annual meeting/picnic to be conducted by Tom Ford, Cooperative Extension educator. This will be at the Yahner Farm.
  • Saturday, September 15: Riparian Buffers (possible topic). Note: This will be presented by Ryan Davis who is the Chesapeake Forests Program Director with the Alliance for the Bay. He offers an array of relevant topics, and we are awaiting more member feedback before committing to that topic*
For 2019:
April 2019: Vernal Pools by JoAnn Albert of the PA Natural Heritage Program
* Other possible topics offered by Ryan Davis include:
  • Do-It-Yourself Forest Management (Note: He explained that he focuses on those with small properties, the ones would not likely go the stewardship plan route, but would like to learn and do many of the same things)
  • Forested Streamside Buffers: Not Just for the Bay! (about how riparian forest buffers are beneficial for wildlife habitat, native flora and fauna, healthier ecosystems, and improved property while also improving water downstream)
  • Pollinator Habitat Restoration
  • How to Provide Wildlife Habitat on Any Property
  • The Importance of Working Lands for Wildlife
  • Trees for Trout: The Importance of Forests for Coldwater Fishes
  • Bat Conservation 

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view with your questions, comments, or feedback on workship topics!

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