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Invasive Plants Management

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The topic of Invasive Plants can be confusing, contradictory, and even controversial for landowners wondering what, if anything, they should do about invasive plants on their farm or in their woods.

This workshop will present current philosophical and practical approaches to thinking about and managing invasive plants on your land.

Guidance and considerations relating to the potential impact(s) of invasive plants, control and management strategies, staging and timing of control activities, and restoration of heavily invaded areas will be discussed.

Workshop Presenter

Eric Burkhart is instructor and plant science program director for Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center.  He provides landscape and forest management leadership at Shavers Creek and teaches courses for the Penn State Ecosystem Science and Management Department (formerly the School of Forest Resources) on woody and herbaceous plant identification, nonnative invasive plants, and agroforestry.  Working with partners such as the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), Eric also conducts research on important non-timber forest products (NTFPs) including American ginseng, goldenseal, and ramps and offers practical guidance in forest farming of NTFPs through related workshops and publications.  

Eric holds degrees in Economic Botany (B.A, Idaho State University), Horticulture (M.S., Penn State University), and Forest Resources (Ph.D., Penn State University).

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