AMWA 2021 Programming and Membership

Covid-19 and the Allegheny Mountain Woodland Association

snow stonewall 1 of 1It will come as a surprise to no one that we will not be holding any in-person educational programs in 2021. Those who paid membership dues in 2020 will have active memberships through all of 2022. Please let us know if you have any requests for future programs. Details are provided in this attached PDF file

AMWA Facebook Group Page

We are developing the AMWA Facebook Page to be a more interesting, useful, and interactive resource. Along with providing information on relevant resources and educational programs, we are hoping to have members share their favorite woods pictures. Here is how we described the undertaking: 

I think any interesting trees, shrubs, or other woods shots would be fine. We could go for odd, strange, big, interesting, or simply just beautiful examples of what can be found in our woods.

I'm starting it out with a tuning fork (goal post?) hemlock.

I'm currently retooling the AMWA website (finally!) and, if we get a good response, I'd like to set up sections and categories to display the pictures."

If you are already a member of the group page, you can immediately post. If not a member, please submit your request to join, an option found on that page.


blog iconJust about everything added to the AMWA website will be on the Blog in some fashion. Why not head on over and check it out? It's just one click away!


Forest News

news iconOur Forest News feature provides articles on current tree and forest topics. Christopher Jones, a service forester with the PA DCNR Bureau of Forestry and an adviser to AMWA, regularly posts articles and provides an expert look at a range of topics, including invasive insects, important wildlife matters, woodlot management, invasive plant management, timber harvest planning, and much more.

Please use our Contact Page to let us know if you would like more information on a particular topic or if you wish to recommend an article or link.